A downloadable masterpiece for Windows

Move: WASD
Aim: mouse
Shoot: left click

Use dice to defeat enemies in this Dungeon-Crawler, or roll them to get a special effect!

Made by 3 people in 48 hours for GMTK Jam 2022

The dice have one effect (usually dealing damage) when they hit enemies, but when they don't hit an enemy, they instead activate one of their other effects.


Damage Dice (grey)
On hit: does decent damage
On roll: either a damage buff or a damage debuff
Speed Dice (blue)
On hit: does decent damage
On roll: either a speed buff or a speed debuff
Heal Dice (green)
On hit: heals the enemy instead of dealing damage
On roll: either does nothing (rarely) or heals you for 30% HP
Bomb Dice (black)
On hit: does low damage
On roll: either explodes, damaging both the player and enemies in an area, or triggers a flashbang effect on the player's screen


Fairly slow and harmless, jumps around from time to time and deals damage only when jumping.
Quickly runs towards the player and attacks with their sword, dangerous.
Shoots bullets at the player from a distance, occasionally wanders around in random directions.

Some known issues with the jam version (because of time constraints):

  • Lack of sound effects
  • Checkpoints don't heal you
  • Respawning doesn't refill your ammo
  • The dice can fly in an unexpected direction when you're standing near a wall and shooting
  • There isn't a real end yet so you will just be stuck in the final room at the end of the game.
  • There is a secret room but the camera won't move there if you do

Soundtrack: https://youtu.be/4kYgRZe9z0E

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorMiniver Games
GenreAction, Adventure
Tags2D, Dungeon Crawler, Pixel Art, Short


die sorcerer.zip 41 MB

Install instructions

Unpack the zip file
Double click "dice 0.11.exe"

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